05 September 2017 @ 08:17 pm
Taylor Kitsch Talking about "Matty Bomer"  
So, as my header suggests, I adore Dylan O'Brien, whose new movie "American Assassin" comes out on Sept 15th - YAY! Taylor Kitsch is also in the movie, and he was in Normal Heart with Matt. As part of the press he's doing for AmAs, he was on "Wake Up" this morning on Sirius, and the subject of celebrity crushes and then Normal Heart came up. (Source [Starts at 4:05])

The interviewers were asking if the ladies on Battleship had crushes on Taylor, and then someone asked him if Jim Parsons had a crush on him during Normal Heart.

Interviewer: What about Normal Heart?  Did Jim Parsons have a crush on you?

Taylor: I think I had a crush on Jim.  And Matty Bomer. I can't be more of a fan, of those two guys especially.  Matty Bomer is, god, he's one of the nicest guys.  And incredibly funny.

To recap, Taylor calls him Matty and has a crush on him. LOVE! Gives me Bookstore feels :D