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angelita26 ([personal profile] angelita26) wrote on April 1st, 2009 at 07:45 pm
Script Frenzy: Day 1
So, my inspiration didn't last long.  I got distracted by the interwebs, as usual.  But I have the beginnings of an idea, so I am working on fleshing it out and seeing if it's worth pursuing.  Let's just say it involves a mental hospital, some dramedy, and a hot protagonist (what? This all exists in my head, you know!)

As a bit of a kick in the rear, here's a writing exercise to start us off...  Let's call it the Blind Freewrite...

Turn off your computer monitor and/or close your eyes.  (I'm a fan of both so I'm not tempted to just stare at my fingers on the keyboard).  Start writing.  Whatever pops into your head.  Fuck punctuation and screw spelling.  Just write.  Do this until your fingers stop typing.  Now, take a breather, get a drink, do some yoga.  Turn on your monitor and look over your blind freewrite.  Did you come up with characters?  A plot?  Something that surprised you?
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