11 December 2016 @ 05:00 am
Secret Santas (WCHC Advent 2016) (Stand by Me / Lost Boys 'Verse)  
Title: Secret Santas
Author: angelita26
Characters/Pairings: Neal, June, Sara, Peter
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1100
Summary: Stand By Me 'Verse. It's Christmas, and the Ellington house has a rule about Secret Santa gifts: they have to be homemade.

Notes: Written for [ profile] whitecollarhc Advent 2016. This fills the "minor illness or injury" H/C Bingo square. Many thanks to [ profile] pooh_collector for taking time away from her own Advent fic to look over this. Happy Holidays to one and all!

Neal coughed into his elbow and turned back to the sketch he was frantically trying to finish before Christmas. )

Also available at AO3
25 March 2015 @ 12:07 pm
Meme Roundup: Drabble Meme, Part Three  
Hey all! I've finally completed that Drabble Meme from... *checks calendar, flushes with embarrassment* I've completed the Drabble Meme - Yay!! I want to thank everyone who left a prompt and was patient with me while I worked through them. You are all amazing! *HUGE HUGS*

Without further adieu:

[ profile] theatregirl7299 requested Baby Neal - Russian Surplus - WC

[ profile] elrhiarhodan requested Neal Hughes, Hope - WC

[ profile] kanarek13 requested Neal - pain - WC

[ profile] pooh_collector requested Neal Hughes, trust - WC

[ profile] dennih23 requested Bookstore AU - rainy days - WCRPS

[ profile] slytheringurrl requested Will or Neal, Dog - WC, Will 'Verse

[ profile] tjs_whatnot requested Bookstore AU, Shopping - WCRPS

[ profile] sapphire2309 requested Sara Ellis - anarchy - WC

[ profile] nywcgirl requested Bookstore AU, Love - WCRPS

[ profile] sheenianni requested The Silent Language of Grief, Mozzie - Starting over - WC

[ profile] joy2190 requested Neal Hughes, Birthday Cake - WC

[ profile] sinfulslasher requested Satchmo - squirrel - WC

[ profile] sandy79 requested Bookstore AU, reading (maybe to each other) - WCRPS

[ profile] aragarna requested Peter and Mozzie in the Lost Boys verse - WC

[ profile] reve_silencieux requested Neal - Will Verse. Potty training - WC

[ profile] scarym1 requested Neal - Lonely - WC (post-Season 6)

Thank you all again!!
25 June 2014 @ 11:38 am
Timestamp Meme Roundup  
What fun! I hope that you all enjoyed the Timestamp Meme as much as I did. It's always interesting to see what stories readers are drawn to and what they'd like to see more of, and there was a lot of variety here in the stories that were requested. Huge thanks to everyone who left prompts and everyone who has commented. You are all amazing!!

[ profile] sheenianni requested Stormy Weather, one week later, another Sara/Neal moment (WC – Unbreakable)

[ profile] kanarek13 requested Postcards from Paradise, right after they come back from their vacation. Could be the perfect excuse for a lot of cuddles before they have to face the world again :D (WC)

[ profile] pooh_collector requested Redraw the Lines. Neal's first Christmas with the Hughes's. (WC – Neal Hughes)

[ profile] embroiderama requested Tired Souls - after the movie came out (WCRPS)

anonymous requested In the Pain, There is Healing when Sara gets home from the hospital. (WC – Will 'Verse)

[ profile] joy2190 requested Bookstore please! Tim discovers Neal has an odd phobia, rather than tease him about it, he helps him to overcome it. (WCRPS – Bookstore)

[ profile] sinfulslasher requested Stand By Me 'verse - when Neal first arrives at Ellington's foster home :) (WC – Stand By Me/Lost Boys)

[ profile] scarym1 requested Sleep Will Come Soon - a Sequel with more scenes of Neal's recovery (WC)

[ profile] doctor_fangeek requested Its Noisiest Passenger - Some kind of scenes from Neal's recovery, the three of them dealing w/ the ups & downs? (WC)

[ profile] love_82 requested Ice Breaker (with a Twist) - something from when Neal gets out of the hospital and is recovering. Maybe a talk between him and Peter? (WC)

[ profile] theatregirl7299 requested Concoction Conundrum. The next time someone gets sick. (WC)

Thank you all again!!
12 January 2014 @ 08:51 pm
WC - Wishing Heart (Stand By Me 'Verse)  
Title: Wishing Heart
Author: angelita26
Characters/Pairings: Peter/Elizabeth
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~550
Summary: Stand By Me 'Verse. Peter really likes Elizabeth Mitchell but doesn't know how to tell her.

Notes: Written for [ profile] aragarna's fandom stocking. Title from the Lisa Loeb song.

Peter had fallen for Elizabeth Mitchell the first time he'd seen her. )

Also posted at AO3
20 November 2013 @ 11:54 am
Drabble Meme Roundup of Fills (Updated 11/22)  
If you haven't prompted me yet, please feel free to do so over here. I've had a lot of fun filling them so far. I will update this post if I receive more prompts.

WCRPS: Matt - cuddle - bookstore AU from [ profile] kanarek13

WC: Peter, Elizabeth - Lost Boys 'verse from [ profile] aragarna

WC: Neal, stay from [ profile] embroiderama

WCRPS: Bookstore AU, Matt, phosphene from [ profile] pooh_collector (Note: This one is a series of six drabbles)

WC: Hagen - chocolate from [ profile] theatregirl7299

WC: Neal, bones. from [ profile] frith_in_thorns

WC: Satchmo, adventure. from [ profile] citrinesunset (Note: Takes place between seasons 4 and 5, spoilery for 5x01)

WC: Sara, Neal, handcuffs from anonymous

Updated below with new drabble links :)

WC: Mozzie - The Great Unknown from [ profile] elrhiarhodan (Note: 5x02 spoilers)

WC: Neal, relief from [ profile] doctor_fangeek (Note: Early Season 5 spoilers)

WC: Sara and Mozzie in the Unbreakable 'verse from [ profile] sheenianni

Updated below - 11/21 :)

WC: Sara, Neal, kids from anonymous

Updated below - 11/22 :)

WC: Sara, Neal's dress shirts from anonymous
27 October 2013 @ 11:24 pm
WC - I Don't Want to be Anything Other than Me (Stand by Me)  
Title: I Don't Want to be Anything Other than Me
Author: angelita26
Characters/Pairings: Gen – Mozzie, Neal
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~900
Spoilers: For episode 5x02, "Out of the Frying Pan".
Summary: Stand By Me 'Verse. June and Byron have offered to adopt Mozzie, but he's having a hard time deciding what to do. Enter Neal and a late night conversation.

Notes: Written for the [ profile] run_the_con lightning round prompts: "after all these years", "out of time", "change of plans", and "you don't know me". Title from the Gavin DeGraw song.

Mozzie's head shot up when the overhead light abruptly flickered to life. Neal was standing in the doorway of the library, holding a blanket and his stuffed cat and looking like a kid caught with his hand in the candy jar. )

Also posted at AO3
23 October 2013 @ 04:06 pm
WC - Hurt (Stand by Me 'Verse)  
Title: Hurt
Author: angelita26
Characters/Pairings: Gen – Neal, Peter
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1100
Warnings: Mentions of Peter's parents' deaths in a car accident.
Summary: Stand By Me 'Verse. Peter's having nightmares, and Neal tries to help.

Notes: Written for the 2nd Annual Caffrey-Burke Day organized by the talented [ profile] rabidchild. Title borrowed from the Nine Inch Nails' song, later covered by Johnny Cash, "Hurt".

He scrubbed his hands over his face as he fought to control his breathing and calm his heart. It took a couple of minutes longer than Peter liked. )

Also posted at AO3
13 October 2013 @ 09:38 pm
WC - When Neal was Fifteen (Stand By Me)  
Title: When Neal was Fifteen
Characters/Pairings: Gen – Neal, Peter, Mozzie, Sara, Diana, June, Byron
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2500
Warnings: None.
Summary: Stand By Me 'Verse. Neal's fifteenth birthday is spent in the hospital, but he's not alone.

Note: This is part of the “Neal Caffrey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad (Birth) Day Fest” for the lovely [ profile] embroiderama's birthday. Much thanks to [ profile] elrhiarhodan for the banner and organizing the fest!

March turned out to be a miserable month. )

Also posted at AO3
12 September 2013 @ 07:52 am
WC BB 2013: The Lost Boys  
Title: The Lost Boys
Characters/Pairings: Gen – Neal, Peter, Mozzie, Sara, Diana, June, Byron, Hughes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,298
Warnings: Off-screen assault and discussion thereof. Teenage AU.
Summary: Neal sneaks out one night and is assaulted by bullies from school. While he recuperates in the hospital, Peter and Mozzie take matters into their own hands.
Author's Note: 1) White Collar and the recognizable characters do not belong to me. 2) Beta credit goes to the amazing [ profile] embroiderama, and a special thanks to [ profile] theatregirl7299 for giving it an early read and cheerleading. 3) This story takes place in the same universe as Stand By Me but it is not necessary to read that ficlet first. All you need to know is that Neal, Peter, Mozzie, Diana and Sara are all foster children living with June and Byron in upstate NY.

Art and userpic by the very, very talented [ profile] aragarna, who took on this very difficult project and made such amazing artwork. Click here to see the full size awesomeness.

Neal cried out when the bright light pierced his aching head and stumbled back until he fell on his ass in the middle of the floor, surrounded by the pens and paintbrushes he'd knocked off his desk. )

ETA: Please tell [ profile] aragarna how amazing her art is. I'm so grateful she created this cover for me. :D