09 January 2014 @ 10:47 pm
TCA - "The Normal Heart" - Press  
A new, less cluttered post for the articles written based on the TCA "The Normal Heart" panel. I'll update this one tomorrow morning with more links.

First, the eye-candy: JustJared's Matt Bomer Debuts New Buzz Cut at 'Normal Heart' TCA Panel!

Deadline Hollywood has a post titled TCA: HBO’s 80′s set ‘The Normal Heart’ Very Modern, Says Ryan Murphy, but I cannot get it to link here. If you search for it on Google, it'll pop up.

Update 1/10 11am:

Best Quote of the Day via below's TV|Line article: Said Roberts [of Bomer], “We all took a very small break [during production], and he came back half the person he was and twice the man!”

TV|Line's HBO's Normal Heart: Why Julia Roberts Finally Said Yes, and Why Matt Bomer Dropped 40 Lbs.

Zap2It's 'The Normal Heart' is 'a civil rights movie,' says director Ryan Murphy

HitFix's Press Tour: 'Normal Heart' is an 'epidemic as seen through a love story'

Update 1/10 5:40pm ET: [ profile] doctor_fangeek just linked me to the best article with Matt. Check it out - The BackLot's Matt Bomer on “The Normal Heart” and Unconditional Love. And she also let me know that has some wonderful HQ pics up here. Thanks Doc!!

Update 1/11 6:30pm ET:

Today's AIDS film 'The Normal Heart' finally coming to life on HBO

Variety's HBO Already Eying ‘Normal Heart’ Sequel Ahead of Premiere

Update 1/11 8:00pm ET:

The wonderful [ profile] doctor_fangeek also gave me this excellent link - Oregon Live's 2014 TV Critics Tour -- Top 5 moments (so far): Lena Dunham and nudity, Sarah Palin, Matthew McConaughey, more - Matt's recollection of when he first read the play is #4.

I went through the other links I had saved and mostly they all repeat the same information. The best article to read regarding Matt is The Backlot one. If any other good ones come up, I'll update. Thanks!

Note: USA is presenting panels on Jan. 18th. I don't expect there to be anything about WC because it's always been a summer show for them in the past, but I will keep an eye out and update my LJ if anything comes up.
09 January 2014 @ 09:37 am
TCA - HBO Presentation  
I'll be updating this post with information as it comes in about the HBO "The Normal Heart" panel at the TCA Winter Press Tour today.

The HBO panels will be between 3pm PT and 6pm PT today, per Variety.

Update 6:30pmET: "The Normal Heart" set to premiere on HBO in May (no specific date yet). Source: THR

Update 7:30pmET: THR Live Blog's entries below.

THR Live Blog transcript )

The panel is finished, so I'm going to put all of this behind a cut. :)

Also, someone tweeted that Matt's head is shaved. Still looking for pics!!!

SEE THIS ONE BIGGER here - Source: HBOPR Twitter Feed


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