25 October 2013 @ 03:37 pm
WCRPS - Everything You'll Ever Need (Bookstore AU)  
Title: Everything You'll Ever Need
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG-13
Characters and/or Pairing: As fictional characters: Matt/Tim, James Rebhorn, Joe Manganiello
Warnings: Permanent injury of a main character. Discussion of the events of September 11th.
Word Count: ~3200
Summary: Bookstore AU. Tim meets Matt's friends and learns more about the day of his injury. Matt asks Tim an important question.

Notes: Thanks go to [ profile] embroiderama for her advice on the conclusion of this one. Much of the beginning has been written for a while, but I struggled with the latter half. Also, thanks to everyone in [ profile] wcwu chat for their encouragement! The title was taken from the Dashboard Confessional song "Rooftops & Invitations".

Matt's birthday fell on a Friday. When Tim mentioned making reservations at a nice restaurant in Manhattan, Matt sheepishly said that a party was already in the works. )

Also posted at AO3 and cross-posted to [ profile] wc_rps.

Gorgeous Art Credits: Banner by [ profile] kanarek13 and icon by [ profile] aragarna