07 September 2017 @ 06:46 pm
Dylan O'Brien - Interesting Articles About Recovery  
I went back through my posts from March of 2016, but I didn't actually make a post about this - I must have only talked about it in chat. Dylan O'Brien somehow became my most prevalent celeb crush around September of 2014 when I saw the first Maze Runner movie and then binged Teen Wolf (Stiles FTW!). In March 2016, he was severely injured in an on-set accident while filming a stunt sequence for the third Maze Runner movie.

At the time, there was very little detail about his injuries and a lot of rumors about how bad it was. Now that his new movie American Assassin is hitting theaters on September 15th, he's been doing a lot of press and has finally talked not only about his injuries but about the recovery process and panic attacks he suffered in the aftermath.

There are two really interesting articles about it that came out this week. I highly recommend them - they paint a vivid, heartwrenching picture, while at the same time highlighting how he overcame his fears and panic to commit to a stunt-intensive movie like American Assassin.

SF Chronicle: Serious accident helps Dylan O’Brien understand his ‘Assassin’ role

Vulture: Dylan O’Brien Is Ready to Talk About That Accident

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American Assassin Restricted Trailer )
18 April 2017 @ 09:28 pm
American Assassin Trailer  
There's not much of a Teen Wolf/Dylan O'Brien fandom on LJ/DW, so I haven't really posted about it here. But TW is coming to a close, and Dylan has already moved on. He's working on more adult-oriented projects, including American Assassin, based on the Mitch Rapp book series by Vince Flynn.

The teaser trailer was released today, and it is AMAZING! Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, and Taylor Kitsch (as the mysterious villain!) co-star. If you enjoy action movies, I definitely recommend giving it a look.

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