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2013-12-19 09:35 pm
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Travelin' Fool

On my way back east shortly. I'm sitting in LAX trying to covertly celeb watch and work in fandom stocking ideas at the same time. Hee!

Only one celeb sighting thus far. Brittany Snow from Pitch Perfect and the TV show American Dreams. She's very cute in person and has an adorable dog.

Will update when I'm back east :)

ETA: I got back early this morning and proceeded to collapse in a heap on my bed for a long time. Heading up to WV for Christmas tomorrow morning but will try to be around as much as possible. :)
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2013-12-11 03:18 pm
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LaLa Land

I have arrived safe and sound in LA. I came into the office and sadly have things to do so I'm working :(

I figure I'll crash in a couple of hours and then sleep until morning. Lol

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2013-10-18 03:22 pm
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At What Price

More detailed post later but all I can say for now is: Holy Hair Porn!