13 February 2014 @ 10:04 pm
Winter Storm Really?  
So, I've been in Detroit since Monday for business, and I was supposed to fly back home today, but my flight was canceled. I couldn't find a flight with the same airline until Sunday (are you freaking kidding me? It's Thursday!)

I found another flight that leaves tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping that it will be okay. It's supposed to rain/snow a bit tomorrow but not accumulate, so I hope the airports are open and running. I'm looking forward to getting home to my own condo.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything posted recently - I have several stories that I'm working on, and I've been so busy with work and school (I had a test and a lab quiz that I had to get done last week before I left for Detroit) that I haven't been able to write as much as I want. I've been debating a timestamp meme just to get me back in the writing groove, but I also want to focus on my current projects. And then there's RevBB - I know what I'm writing; I just have to write it.
02 January 2014 @ 06:32 pm
2014, We're Supposed to be Friends...  
There is a bonus Bomer because I even bummed myself out with this one :-/

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22 November 2013 @ 06:59 pm
Ah, What a Week  
This has not been the best week, but it seems to be ending on a bit of a high note, so it's not a total wash. TGIF!

All the Drabble Meme fills have be posted in the Drabble Meme Roundup post. Enjoy!

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19 March 2013 @ 06:03 pm
...Into the Dark  
If work kills me today, I'll be sure to post the ending of Unbreakable before I expire.


Half my department is out sick, and I feel for them because they are seriously sick. They also happen to the be the two people who know the most about Operations. I'm next in line in seniority, and I've worked in Ops for roughly 3 years - I still have trouble when we have issues. And today we have had Issues with one of our incoming systems. It's on-going. It's going to be the death of me.

I should never have taken yesterday's easy day for granted.

Have some Bonus Bomer for listening reading my rant.

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ETA: Still working. Headache developing behind right eye and ear. Can't log out yet. Ready to die. Aaaaaaaaaaaah.

Might have to skip the re-watching tonight. I'm going to be terrible company assuming I get to log off work any time soon.

ETA2: Now I have no water in my apartment. Really? Le sigh.
05 December 2012 @ 09:44 am
Wednesday Already?  
I have so much to do, and I can't seem to get motivated to do it.  Ugh.  I'm going out of town on Sunday for a week for work, and it majorly puts a crimp in my holiday shopping plans as I tend to leave everything until the last minute.  Luckily, I have Amazon Student Prime for free right now, so if all else fails, I'll 2-Day some stuff.

Also, the White Collar forums are down for me again.  Sometimes I can see them, and sometimes I can't, but I can never log in.  I've tried clearing my cookies, my cache, my browsing history, and I've reset my modem and router under the idea that the new security protocols are locking out my IP for some reason.  Still nada, and it frustrates me as I do want to reply to things when I can see the board.  (If anyone else can log in, would you post that I'm getting the following error? HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.  Thanks!)

In fic news, I'm almost done with my Advent entry, which took quite a turn at the end.  I don't know what to do with it - I like the turn, but it's not a "happy" ending by any means.  Hmmmm...
23 June 2008 @ 02:55 pm
I got the job!  
I got the job!

Well, I got the temporary part of the job. If they like me, they will keep me. But I was one of three people they interviewed today and I wasn't that confident about my interview, but they clearly liked me best. Hee!

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20 June 2008 @ 06:43 pm
*crosses fingers*  
I have a job interview on Monday morning, with an entertainment communication company in Studio City!!! So it's close - I don't have to drive too far or even on the freeway! I'm not entirely sure what they do exactly, but it's an admin assistant position, so computer work and whatnot.

Very excited! Neeeeeeeed a job :)
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09 June 2008 @ 07:18 pm
The Locked Room...  
The NY Times has a really cool, but brief article up about the atmosphere of different writers' rooms - Focus, People! There’s Work to Do

Five different shows, of different genres and networks and different beliefs about how to work the room (pool table versus no distractions, dry erase boards versus notecards). It's really fascinating to see how shows come together - I was shocked by the strict rules of the Weeds writers' room!

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