25 March 2015 @ 12:07 pm
Meme Roundup: Drabble Meme, Part Three  
Hey all! I've finally completed that Drabble Meme from... *checks calendar, flushes with embarrassment* I've completed the Drabble Meme - Yay!! I want to thank everyone who left a prompt and was patient with me while I worked through them. You are all amazing! *HUGE HUGS*

Without further adieu:

[ profile] theatregirl7299 requested Baby Neal - Russian Surplus - WC

[ profile] elrhiarhodan requested Neal Hughes, Hope - WC

[ profile] kanarek13 requested Neal - pain - WC

[ profile] pooh_collector requested Neal Hughes, trust - WC

[ profile] dennih23 requested Bookstore AU - rainy days - WCRPS

[ profile] slytheringurrl requested Will or Neal, Dog - WC, Will 'Verse

[ profile] tjs_whatnot requested Bookstore AU, Shopping - WCRPS

[ profile] sapphire2309 requested Sara Ellis - anarchy - WC

[ profile] nywcgirl requested Bookstore AU, Love - WCRPS

[ profile] sheenianni requested The Silent Language of Grief, Mozzie - Starting over - WC

[ profile] joy2190 requested Neal Hughes, Birthday Cake - WC

[ profile] sinfulslasher requested Satchmo - squirrel - WC

[ profile] sandy79 requested Bookstore AU, reading (maybe to each other) - WCRPS

[ profile] aragarna requested Peter and Mozzie in the Lost Boys verse - WC

[ profile] reve_silencieux requested Neal - Will Verse. Potty training - WC

[ profile] scarym1 requested Neal - Lonely - WC (post-Season 6)

Thank you all again!!
25 June 2014 @ 11:38 am
Timestamp Meme Roundup  
What fun! I hope that you all enjoyed the Timestamp Meme as much as I did. It's always interesting to see what stories readers are drawn to and what they'd like to see more of, and there was a lot of variety here in the stories that were requested. Huge thanks to everyone who left prompts and everyone who has commented. You are all amazing!!

[ profile] sheenianni requested Stormy Weather, one week later, another Sara/Neal moment (WC – Unbreakable)

[ profile] kanarek13 requested Postcards from Paradise, right after they come back from their vacation. Could be the perfect excuse for a lot of cuddles before they have to face the world again :D (WC)

[ profile] pooh_collector requested Redraw the Lines. Neal's first Christmas with the Hughes's. (WC – Neal Hughes)

[ profile] embroiderama requested Tired Souls - after the movie came out (WCRPS)

anonymous requested In the Pain, There is Healing when Sara gets home from the hospital. (WC – Will 'Verse)

[ profile] joy2190 requested Bookstore please! Tim discovers Neal has an odd phobia, rather than tease him about it, he helps him to overcome it. (WCRPS – Bookstore)

[ profile] sinfulslasher requested Stand By Me 'verse - when Neal first arrives at Ellington's foster home :) (WC – Stand By Me/Lost Boys)

[ profile] scarym1 requested Sleep Will Come Soon - a Sequel with more scenes of Neal's recovery (WC)

[ profile] doctor_fangeek requested Its Noisiest Passenger - Some kind of scenes from Neal's recovery, the three of them dealing w/ the ups & downs? (WC)

[ profile] love_82 requested Ice Breaker (with a Twist) - something from when Neal gets out of the hospital and is recovering. Maybe a talk between him and Peter? (WC)

[ profile] theatregirl7299 requested Concoction Conundrum. The next time someone gets sick. (WC)

Thank you all again!!
25 July 2013 @ 02:54 pm
Fic: Of Superheroes and Birthday Boys (Will 'Verse)  
Title: Of Superheroes and Birthday Boys
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG
Characters and/or Pairing: Neal/Sara, Peter/El
Word Count: ~750
Summary: Will's second birthday is great, if a bit exhausting.

Notes: Written for [ profile] slytheringurrl who asked for family fluff with Sara in the Will 'verse in my "Prompt Me" meme. This is about as fluffy as I get, and I hope you enjoy!

The party was well underway when Sara glanced out the back window and had to stop and watch Neal playing with the kids. )

Also posted at AO3
10 May 2013 @ 04:45 pm
WC - Sympathetic Threads (Neal/Sara - Will 'Verse)  
Title: Sympathetic Threads
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG
Characters and/or Pairing: Neal/Sara – Neal, Sara, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie
Spoilers: Season 2’s Free Fall, random Mozzie-isms.
Word Count: ~3500
Summary: Sara and Mozzie must come to an understanding for Neal's sake.

Notes: Part of the Will ‘Verse – this takes place after No More Secrets and before Tabula Rasa. Thank you to [ profile] theatregirl7299 for giving it a look and making some needed suggestions and to the lovely ladies of [ profile] wcwu chat for their encouragement. Title is from the Melville quote under the cut. Also, this fills the "Broken Bone" square on my [ profile] 10_hurt_comfort table.

Neal wasn't surprised to find his bed occupied when he opened the door. The sun was setting over the city, casting long shadows inside the studio apartment and across Sara's sleeping body. )

Also posted at AO3
05 April 2013 @ 04:22 pm
WC - Tabula Rasa  
Title: Tabula Rasa
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG
Characters and/or Pairing: Neal/Sara
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Unbetaed. Alternate Universe. Neal/Sara relationship.
Word Count: ~450
Summary: Neal has a quiet moment with his newborn son.

Notes: Written for [ profile] run_the_con's Lightning Round, for the prompt “the cat and the cradle”, which I've twisted a little to use the song “Cat's in the Cradle” as a jumping off point. Part of my Will 'Verse, in which Neal and Sara have a son after the events of 4.02.

Neal gently swayed in the rocking chair in the corner of a sleeping Sara's hospital room and marveled at the perfect little person they'd created. William Peter Caffrey-Ellis weighed a little over five pounds and was eighteen inches long. )

Also posted at AO3