29 June 2014 @ 10:48 pm
WCRPS - We Shall Always Be You and I (Bookstore)  
Title: We Shall Always Be You and I
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG-13
Characters and/or Pairing: As fictional characters: Matt/Tim, Taylor Kitsch (Past Matt/Taylor)
Warning: Permanent injury of a main character.
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: Bookstore AU. While on vacation, Matt runs into an old friend.

Notes: Title from the Pablo Neruda poem, Always. Read it after the fic for the title to make sense ;) Thank you to [ profile] pooh_collector for taking a peek before I posted. Art credits and much gratitude go to the wonderful [ profile] aragarna for the icon and the brilliant [ profile] kanarek13 for the banner (which she made a manip for because she is all kinds of awesome)!

Tim woke before Matt and propped himself up on his elbow to watch the younger man sleep. Matt was looking especially relaxed, and Tim couldn't blame him. )

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