25 April 2013 @ 05:19 pm
Rec Me!  
Sooo... [ profile] aragarna is writing an amazing fic called Hell and High Water, inspired by an old ER episode, which I downloaded after I started reading the fic and rewatched yesterday evening. (I just discovered Aragarna's LJ today - I'd been reading the fic at and was waiting for it to be complete before reccing it out. :D)

This has kicked off a bit of an h/c-athon on my TV. So far, I've watched the ER ep, Most Wanted (of course), the episode of NYPD Blue where Mark Park Gosselaar's character got shot in the shoulder, a couple of Supernatural eps that I can't remember if Lola has watched so I won't describe them, and I'm on the hunt for more.

I'm turning to the flist now - rec me your fave h/c episodes. Don't care what show - I will clearly watch just about anything for a pretty face and some h/c. (Also, this little bender is being helped about by my new Amazon Prime membership with free Prime videos!)