28 December 2015 @ 10:54 am
Health Update  
Happy Post-Christmas/Pre-New Years Everyone!

Health Update )

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes for both me and my mom. You're all amazing! *HUGS*
27 September 2015 @ 09:42 pm
My Weekend  
Seen pretty much everywhere :)

When you see this post, feel encouraged to post something in your journal. Short or long, trivial or profound, it doesn't matter, just something. And if you like, you can pass on the token by copying this notice on your post.

It was a pretty fun weekend... )
30 August 2015 @ 09:35 pm
LaLa Land  
Just a note to say that I'm in LA for work for the next couple of weeks, which means that my internet time is limited :(

I will definitely be missing re-watch this week as I'm going to dinner with my boss and co-worker and possibly next week since it's a US holiday, and I have no idea what my SoCal plans will be yet.

Have fun everyone! I'll try to be around Tuesday or Thursday night in chat - those are the days I get off work early. :)
30 May 2015 @ 10:03 pm
Meet my New Car  
I totally forgot to introduce you all to my new favorite thing:

She's a 2012 Mini Cooper S, so she's sporty and speedy and a helluva lot of fun to drive. She has a dual sunroof and ambient lighting that will cycle through the colors of the rainbow. I call her Marsha, because she's the colors of my alma mater, Marshall University.
17 February 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Snowed In  
So.... I drove up to visit my parents last weekend (and get my birthday present as my mom didn't want to mail it), and I got snowed in. I knew it was a possibility so I brought my work computer, but I find it hard to get away in the evenings, so I haven't been able to get any writing done or visit chat. I hope to do a little of both tomorrow.

Hope the weather hasn't completely buried everyone! Much hugs to you all!
17 December 2014 @ 08:17 am
Hump Day Hellos  
*waves sheepishly*

I was too afraid to look and see when I last posted; I know it's been a while. Thanksgiving week was taken up by family time, and then I had a whole two days to myself before I jetted off to LA for work. I'm flying back home today, and then there will be a few days before the next round of holiday traveling.

My muse has kind of gone into hibernation, but I plan to force him out on the plane today to keep me entertained and write the Advent fic that I haven't managed to really get going. I've worked on it when I had some time the last couple of weekends but the story got too complicated in my mind, so I'm taking it back to basics.

Other than that, I've just been working a lot. I'm staying with a friend and her internet was down for the last week, so I feel like I've been completely disconnected from everything. :( I'll have to catch up on my "sick" day tomorrow :D

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! *HUGS*
16 October 2014 @ 04:08 pm
Friday Eve!  
Happy Friday Eve everyone!

I'm heading out of town tomorrow so I will be even more MIA than usual. Speaking of, sorry for the MIA-ness lately. I may be cheating on WC fandom a little, but it's just a fling, I swear. As soon as I work through all of the h/c fics that fandom *cough*teenwolf*cough* has to offer, I'm sure I'll be over it. :)

Work )

School )

I really should get back to work now. I just don't want to.

Oh! Channing Tatum said over at MTV News that MMXXL will contain a lot more bromance and a lot more of the guys, which is really all I wanted to hear. It legitimately makes me excited for a movie I was barely planning on seeing.
05 August 2014 @ 12:32 pm
Home, Sweet Home  
My month in LA ended on Saturday morning, and I'm slowly getting accustomed to be back in my own space and working without a bunch of people buzzing around, asking me questions and demanding that their "urgent, important" thing is more important than the other 5 or 10 "urgent, important" things I'm working on.

I miss my LA friends, but I'm happy to be back home. My family is trying to get me to visit them at my parents' this weekend, but I really don't feel like driving the 5 hours to get there and the 5 hours back just yet. Also, our kayaking plans seem to have fallen through, so I have even less incentive to head up there. I'l figure out a better time to make the trip - it was just enticing this weekend because my sister and her family will be there.

In other news, I kind of feel like doing a drabble meme. Does anyone have any requests for a theme? I could do Hurts & Feels 2 or Ice & Fire (hypothermia/fever, etc) or... ;)
08 June 2014 @ 05:02 pm
Alone At Last!  
So... I'm alone at last. No parents in my condo, no trips to pack for, nothing needs immediate attention. This naturally means that I'm having a hard time getting myself motivated despite the fact that I'm imposing a deadline on myself to finish the AU meme prompts tonight so that I can do a Timestamp Meme.

*hugs the weekend close and never wants to let go*
25 May 2014 @ 02:52 pm
Long story short, our wedding weekend extravaganza mansion has no wifi or TV, so I love you all and I miss you, but I won't be back online until sometime Tuesday. (I snuck away to a Starbucks to check in my for my flight :D)

Also, please do me a favor and try to spoiler cut posts about TNH? I'm probably not going to be checking LJ or social media until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest, but I'm also not going to be able to see the movie before then. *HUGS to you all*

Other than being off the grid, things have been super fun and exciting. Miss you, my friends! *HUGS*

(edited to fix duplicated words - I'm not drunk anymore, I swear!)
16 May 2014 @ 11:56 pm
A Few Things...  
Hi Friends :)

I'm off to LA tomorrow for about 10 days, so I won't be around as much as usual. I won't be as quick with the Normal Heart links or news, so I suggest checking out the The Normal Heart Movie Tumblr. I know most don't like Tumblr, but this one is a great source of news, info, and gifs about the movie.

If you have a public library card, you should check out their website and see if they give you access to e-mags through Zinio. I download Mental Floss and a couple of other things for free there every month, and I get the gossip mags for flights from them too. I just found out tonight that my local library has Out available for free from Zinio. They don't have Matt's issue up yet, but it's something to look forward to. And for free! :)

I'm still working on my AU meme prompts. I was trying to do one a night, but I got sidetracked tonight by the last minute packing/freaking out that I'm forgetting something. I will continue to work on them and post them - there are three up so far - and I'll do a roundup post when I'm finished.

I'm finding it utterly impossible to use LJ on my iPad. It keeps trying to force me to use the new layout every time I have to sign in and it looks absolutely wretched in the mobile version of Chrome. Ugh. So much for being sneaky at work with the LJ.

I hope everyone has a great week! *HUGS*
16 April 2014 @ 05:15 pm
Hump Day Rambles  
It got kind of long so I put it behind cuts :)

WC & Fic Rambles )

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Bonus Bomer )
15 February 2014 @ 11:32 am
I'm home! I'm home! *happy dance*

I got in last night after midnight and crashed pretty immediately into bed so I could calm down and get some sleep. Both flights yesterday (I had a layover in Louisville - which is a very sedate airport after having been to Detroit, Baltimore, and Charlotte in the last week) were quite turbulent, which doesn't bother me except to make me queasy - ugh. Just ugh.

Happy!Matt icon is happy!
13 February 2014 @ 10:04 pm
Winter Storm Really?  
So, I've been in Detroit since Monday for business, and I was supposed to fly back home today, but my flight was canceled. I couldn't find a flight with the same airline until Sunday (are you freaking kidding me? It's Thursday!)

I found another flight that leaves tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping that it will be okay. It's supposed to rain/snow a bit tomorrow but not accumulate, so I hope the airports are open and running. I'm looking forward to getting home to my own condo.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything posted recently - I have several stories that I'm working on, and I've been so busy with work and school (I had a test and a lab quiz that I had to get done last week before I left for Detroit) that I haven't been able to write as much as I want. I've been debating a timestamp meme just to get me back in the writing groove, but I also want to focus on my current projects. And then there's RevBB - I know what I'm writing; I just have to write it.
02 January 2014 @ 06:32 pm
2014, We're Supposed to be Friends...  
There is a bonus Bomer because I even bummed myself out with this one :-/

Work Rant )
11 December 2013 @ 06:07 am
Incoherent Morning Mumblings  
Ummm, yeah... )
08 December 2013 @ 07:24 pm
Odds, Ends, and a Question for the City-Dwellers  
Lots of random stuff to share today. First things first though - [ profile] elrhiarhodan gave me a plot bunny that is bouncing all over my brain regarding teen Neal. Now, I grew up in the country where age 16 is a rite of passage. Even though most kids have been driving on the farm since they were old enough to reach the pedals, there's something about being road-legal. In the city where public transpo is much more readily accessible (and parking is not), is there an equivalent rite of passage?

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas )

Heading West )

I'm sure there are other things to ramble about, but my brain has wandered back to plotting that story. Why oh why can't things just come directly from brain into the computer all written out. That would be awesome.
22 November 2013 @ 06:59 pm
Ah, What a Week  
This has not been the best week, but it seems to be ending on a bit of a high note, so it's not a total wash. TGIF!

All the Drabble Meme fills have be posted in the Drabble Meme Roundup post. Enjoy!

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Bonus Bomer )
16 August 2013 @ 11:51 pm
It's definitely a TGIF kind of day.

School... )


I am about 3/4 or more done with my WC BB, which is quite exciting. I was worried about it for a long time, but I'm hoping to complete a draft this weekend.

Neal Hughes I will get back to once WC BB is finished, which is kind of ironic as it was my first choice in BB but I thought I could get it done before then. Which is still a possibility! But I want to make sure that I can get BB done by deadline.

WC RPS continues to invade my brain. Date 5 should also be finished and posted this weekend.

I have other, smaller, writing projects that are on-going as well. Despite the lengthy hiatus, fandom continues to be awesome. You are all kind, amazing people, and I adore you. I don't say that enough, so I'm putting it out there tonight. *HUGS*
12 August 2013 @ 10:49 am
Random Thoughts for Monday Morning  
RL Monday Blahs... )
In Other News )

Writing and Fic :)

School starts on Thursday. I want to have a draft of my Big Bang done, have the next two Bookstore AU dates written, to work on Neal Hughes, and to write a little something special for embroiderama. So, there will hopefully be quite a few Word Wars in my future.

I have plotted all of the above out on my drive home from my parents' house, and I have the voice memo to myself to prove it! Assuming I figure out how to get it to play back for me. Ha!