03 May 2014 @ 12:36 am
Let's Go 'Hawks!  
I don't think I've posted this, but I've become a hockey fan over the last couple of months. It's all [ profile] sahiya's fault, really. It's okay though - I gave her an epic plot bunny in reciprocation (or perhaps it happened the other way around - I've forgotten now). :D

The Chicago Blackhawks are my team. Toews/Kane is my OTP. They're adorbs. See userpic for example of Kaner being super cute (and also super young, but you do not want a recent pic - playoff beards are not the best on some people, and Kaner has a tradition of having a playoff mullet and it's all just... not good right now).

Tonight's the first playoff game versus the Minnesota Wild. Basically, the 'Hawks kicked ass and won with 5 goals to the Wild's 3. Two of those goals were scored by Kaner, and one was simply amazing - gif evidence of said awesomeness. This is something that pretty much only Patrick Kane can do. *pats his helmet in happiness, and then his ass just because*