07 January 2014 @ 02:12 pm
I'm making some changes around the journal, so if older comments have the wrong icon - oopsie. I went through and standardized the keyword format for my icons because I've never paid attention to it before and it was totally nuts.

Most of my new icons were created by Aragarna, who is amazing. I'm terrible at getting icons to look halfway decent, so I snagged a bunch of the ones she's done and have gotten most of them uploaded. I now have icons for people other than Neal! ;) I'm trying to find a new default pic, and I have lots of slots available now, so I will keep adding them.

Also, I bit the bullet and got a paid account. I wavered on it for a while, but my icon expansion pack was ending, and I figured that I spend so much time here now, it would be worth it to get the whole she-bang. I haven't quite figured out all the new bells and whistles, but I'm excited about being able to edit comments that people have responded to. LOL It's the little things.

I'll also be updating my masterlists and all that housekeeping too. It's a new year! Woohoo! :)