10 March 2013 @ 03:18 am
I've had a lot of caffeine today between the migraine pills (might as well take them to try and relieve the sinus headache since it usually turns into a migraine at some point) and the soda that I haven't been able to give up yet, so I can't sleep.

I almost had a heart attack when I looked up at the clock though and thought I'd completely lost an hour somewhere. I hadn't written more than a page of the Neal & Diana piece I'm working on, so I knew it couldn't have been an hour's worth of writing. Damn the time change for freaking me out.

For the record, I think the time change is completely antiquated and should be discontinued.

In other news, tonight was Arrow at the Paleyfest, and I love me some Stephen Amell, so I livestreamed it. I'm always interested in the origins of TV shows, how actors are cast, how they figure out their characters, the general creative process behind it all, etc. All the things Paleyfest is good at exploring. So, I loved it. If I were to write fic for any other show right now, it would be Arrow. However, I find it difficult to write in more than one fandom at a time, so I'm sticking with WC - I have so many ideas to write.