08 January 2013 @ 11:57 pm
Fandom Vent  
I hate the Burke's house.  It's so impractical for pretty much everything (especially h/c scenarios), and I hate their furniture.  It doesn't look comfortable, and everything is just too damn perfect all the time.  When does Elizabeth find time to clean it?  

The only room I like is the kitchen, which is oddly super spacious and adorable.  The island is perfect - if I had enough space for something like that, I would want one.  (My parents are lovers of kitchen islands, and they've had them in their last couple of houses so I find them almost a necessary part of the room).

Ugh.  I've been very tempted to burn the whole thing down for a while now.  Force them to get a new place where things like the bathroom are on the first floor.  Unfortunately, that would only work for a fic or two.  *sigh*