14 June 2013 @ 05:10 pm
WC: For anodyneer - You've Got a Friend (And Lover) In Me  
Title: You've Got a Friend (And Lover) In Me
aka Five Times Peter Needed Help and Neal Was There
Author: angelita26
Rating: PG
Characters and/or Pairing: OT3 - Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, Diana, Jones
Warnings: Pretty shameless Peter!whump times five.
Word Count: ~6400
Summary: Five Times Peter Needed Help and Neal Was There

Notes: Written for [ profile] anodyneer in Round 3 of [ profile] wcpairings. I tried to work in as many pieces of your prompts and likes as I could, and I hope you enjoy! Thanks to [ profile] elrhiarhodan for the last minute, awesome OT3 icon. Also, special thanks to [ profile] theatregirl7299 for giving it a read-through and being supportive of all the ideas/drafts I threw her way.

You've Got a Friend (And Lover) In Me aka Five Times Peter Needed Help and Neal Was There )

Also available at AO3
07 May 2013 @ 12:17 pm
Notes to Self  
This is my motivational and reminder post about the things that I have coming up and projects that I need to focus on. I'll be starting school (for the first time in 8 years) on May 20th, and I'll still be working full-time as well, so I've got to try to work out a schedule :)

New To Do List )

Important Upcoming Dates )

ETA: I got to cross something off!!! OMG!!! It's a May Day miracle! (what other holidays are in May? I mean, really?)
03 April 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Jumping Off the Cliff  

I don't know why I thought (extended) hiatus would be kind of quiet. There are challenges and exchanges and communities doing all kinds of things.

I feel like I should really just be challenging myself to write all the ideas that I have swimming around in my brain (which is in addition to the Sandy auction fic that I have not forgotten about, I swear - I promise that it is next on my list regardless of these other projects).

[ profile] run_the_con was so much fun that I had to at least attempt some other fandom fun things. We'll see how it goes. And I want to play in the sandbox with the cool kids, so, with that in mind, I've signed up for [ profile] whitecollar_bb, which I'm using to write the Neal & Hughes story that I keep teasing in chat.

I will also be signing up for [ profile] wcpairings once I complete the sign-up form. I get to be the oddball in a pairings challenge asking for no NC-17. *facepalm*

Also, randomly - the muse is being a bastard and refusing to cooperate. Someone track him down and kick his ass for me.