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angelita26 ([personal profile] angelita26) wrote on June 19th, 2017 at 11:20 am
H/C Bingo 2017
I'm trying to motivate myself to write again despite work sucking my soul out slowly, so I signed up for an H/C Bingo card.

I didn't do any fills on my card last year, and I only did one the year before (with a TW fic of all things - didn't realize it had been that long since I got into that show), but I'd love to do at least a line this year. I'm not going to lie - most of these prompts scream Teen Wolf at me. There are some that are very WC too though: isolation, runaways, fall from grace, family, and some of the more generic medical conditions, of course :)

nervous breakdown lost childhood motion sickness experiments by evil scientists
survivor's guilt
isolation robots / androids / AIs electrocution cursed
forced marriage food poisoning WILD CARD
rejection tyranny/rebellion
major illness or injury
runaways shipwrecked forced body modification fall from grace
assault family undeserved reputation unconsciousness blood loss

Sidenote: I'll fix the formatting later - the lack of centering might drive me insane.
The formatting is just effed on DW. It has to do with DW's own CSS coding. It looks great on LJ though (the one thing I miss about LJ).

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