20 May 2017 @ 05:39 pm
Meme: Ask the Author  
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan posted this, and it looked like fun. I'm trying to get motivated to write again, so please ask me things! You can ask for more than one number :)

1. Things that inspire you

2. Things that motivate you
3. Name three favorite writers
4. Name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why
5. Since how long do you write?
6. How did writing change you?
7. Early influences on your writing
8. What time are you most productive?
9. Do you set yourself deadlines?
10. How do you do your researches?
11. Do you listen to music when writing?
12. Favorite place to write
13. Hardest character to write

14. Easiest character to write
15. Hardest verse to write
16. Easiest verse to write
17. Favorite AU to write 

18. Favorite pairing to write 

19. Favorite fandom to write

20. Favorite character to write
21. Least favorite character to write
22. Favorite story you’ve ever written
23. Least favorite story you’ve ever written
24. Favorite scene you’ve ever written
25. Favorite line you’ve ever written

26. Story you’re most proud of
27. Best review you ever got

28. Worst review you ever got 

29. Favorite story/poem of another author
30. Hardest part of writing

31. Easiest part of writing
32. Alternate title for (insert story title)
33. Alternate ending for (insert story title)
34. Alternate pairing for (insert story title)
35. Single story or multi-part story?
 One-shot or multi-chaptered story?
36. Canon or au?
 Do you reread your own stories? 
Do you want to be published some day?
37. Which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series
38. One song that captures (insert story title)
 do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?
39. Would you ever write a sequel for (insert fic title here)
40. Do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?
share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet
41. Share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet
42. How many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?
43. Three spoilers for (insert story title)
44. Writing advice
45. Open question to the writer

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[identity profile] on May 21st, 2017 05:33 am (UTC)
#39 for the Will verse?
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angelita26: NealSara Phone[personal profile] angelita26 on May 22nd, 2017 02:10 am (UTC)
The short answer is maybe. :) I actually have some of the next story written, and there's an action scene that I'm quite proud of - I just have never figured out the full story that needs to be told there. I'll take another look at it and see if I can suss it out. Otherwise, I would like to write another story set in the future when Will is a little older. I had a lot of fun with the Superheroes birthday party one :)

How about this? I promise to re-read the whole series in the next week, and I'll post an update when I decide how to move forward with another story :) (I only say a week because I'm out of town for business right now, and next weekend is a holiday that I'm spending with my family, but I'll have a long flight on Tuesday to read/brainstorm).
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[identity profile] on May 23rd, 2017 06:02 pm (UTC)
Yaaaaaas! I'll take anything you'll dish since I miss reading your stories 😊
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nywcgirl[personal profile] nywcgirl on May 21st, 2017 07:26 am (UTC)
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angelita26: Matt - Happy[personal profile] angelita26 on May 22nd, 2017 02:44 am (UTC)
This is hard. There are things that I love about all of them. I can't really choose - it's like choosing a favorite child!

So, I chose something favorite about each of them - I hope that's okay :)

Neal Hughes was my favorite to brainstorm because it was an idea that I hadn't seen written before. It was also a lot of fun to research - I love medical research - and I was really excited to see what the response would be. Hughes is a beloved character, so I thought it could be good, but I was blown away. I'm so happy that it was well-received.

Stand by Me/Lost Boys is my favorite character-wise. I'm proud of how the character's personalities came through in their teenage selves. I have a blast writing the teens and their friendships and building that world with June and Byron.

Unbreakable is my favorite intense dramatic series. I'm still surprised at the great response to it, and I also surprised myself with how fun it was to write non-linearly. I'm a pantser - I don't write with an outline, but this is definitely a time when having a rough outline would have helped - lol

Will 'Verse was the first verse I ever wrote, after being convinced I could never write my own universe. It will forever be my favorite first series. I love Neal and Sara's relationship in the story and how it evolves through having a baby and everything else that happens to them.

And finally, Bookstore AU also holds a very special place in my heart. It's very much an original story told through a relationship that I adore. It started as a short response to a prompt in a prompt meme, and it grew and grew into something that I will always cherish.
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elrhiarhodan[personal profile] elrhiarhodan on May 22nd, 2017 01:30 pm (UTC)
How about 1 and 40?
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angelita26: Neal Sitting[personal profile] angelita26 on May 31st, 2017 04:31 pm (UTC)
I just realized I didn't respond :-/ I'm so sorry!

1. Things that inspire you

I took this as what inspires me to write, and that's hard to pin down. It's mostly a nebulous feeling I get hit with out of nowhere that usually involved a tragic character backstory. (And an attractive man, in all honesty.) I always seem to identify with and mostly write from the man's perspective. Sometimes I find it more challenging or more interesting to not be in my own female head.

I like characters that are damaged (I hesitate to use that word but it feels like it fits) and that lean a bit toward immorality but have good hearts. Alec from Dark Angel, Dean from Supernatural, Neal from WC, and Stiles from Teen Wolf all share these qualities.

I also get inspired by ideas - things that I see on TV/in movies or that I read about. Reddit's /r/TodayILearned is really cool, and I love Mental Floss for random knowledge/info as well. If I think it will be interesting or fun to put a character into a situation that I see/read, then I'll try it and see what happens. I have all kinds of snippets of stories that didn't pan out, lol

40. Do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?
share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet

I almost always write linearly. There are only two things that I've written out of order - the Unbreakable series and Redraw the Lines.

Unbreakable was that way because that's how it came to me, in bits and pieces spread out over various times. That was a bit of an issue for later stories, but I tried to plan it with a realistic timeline for injuries and whatnot to keep myself on track.

Redraw the Lines was mostly written in snippets during Word Wars, so I have a few different versions of some scenes. It was easier to just write a scene differently from the start during a Word War than to try and fix it. At the end, I mapped out the scenes and then went back to see if I needed to add more explanation or scenes with other characters, so there were pieces that were written out of order. Eventually, I got anxious about posting it and just went for it. I had backstories for secondary characters in my head that I never wrote out that probably could have been B or C plots.

Usually when I start writing, I know the beginning and the ending, so I know the linear aspect in that sense. Then, I let the characters take the journey. I can't really write a scene from the middle of the story if I haven't written what's before it.

Edited: Forgot the synopsis. Hmmm... I'm trying to put together a WC/Teen Wolf crossover where Stiles is an intern in the Special Investigations unit at the FBI, and he meets Peter and Neal when they're assigned there after a botching a case (or something like that). Bonds are formed when Neal and Stiles are kidnapped by some kind of supernatural creature, and Peter and Derek save them.

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