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angelita26 ([personal profile] angelita26) wrote on January 8th, 2017 at 09:49 pm
I just realized I missed posting on Jan 1, so HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends!

In other news, I just learned of this Livejournal moving its servers debacle today, so I decided to go ahead and import my whole journal to Dreamwidth, and I encourage everyone to do so. You'll be able to save everything (posts and comments to those posts) in a few simple steps. If you would like me to write a how-to guide, let me know. I'll be happy to do so.

I haven't been posting much in general, but the major difference for me is that all fic will be posted to AO3 and then the story header info and a link to AO3 will be posted to the journal. Any comments can be left wherever you feel most comfortable (LJ, DW, or AO3).

I'm new to this cross-posting from DW thing, and I keep posting by accident. I'll get the hang of it.

My username is angelita26 over at DW - please feel free to friend me over there. I don't want to lose contact with anyone if LJ disappears one day soon.

{{hugs my flist close}}
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