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Masterlist of Fiction

Bingo Cards & Prompt Tables

2012 H/C Bingo Card
2012 H/C Bingo Card Part Deux
2013 10_Hurt_Comfort Prompt Table (Claim: Neal Caffrey)
2014 H/C Bingo Card
2015 H/C Bingo Card
GenPrompt Bingo Card – Round 8
GenPrompt Bingo Card – Round 10


White Collar Standalones

White Collar – Gen

What Child Is This
For as long as he can remember, something curious happens to Neal when gets sick – he turns into a little boy. This time, Peter and Elizabeth are there for him. PG (~2500 wds)

Long-Distance Worry
Neal's sick, and Peter worries from thousands of miles away. PG (~900 wds)

The Silent Language of Grief
Neal jumps, Mozzie plots, Peter grieves. PG-13 (~4500 wds)

Water's Wider
A routine investigation goes sideways. Neal and Peter are trapped in a bank vault, and Neal's gravely injured. PG-13 (~1300 wds)

Sleep Will Come Soon
Post-S5. A quiet moment amid chaos is enough to break down walls that Neal's spent seven months building up. PG (~1800 wds)

A Little Misadventure
Peter tries to keep Neal awake and talking while they wait for help after a car accident. PG (~1100 wds)

We're Family
Neal's feeling the pressure of his secrets during the holidays. PG (~1400 wds)

Ice Breaker (with a Twist)
During the events of Ice Breaker, Jones doesn't show up as quickly when Neal goes after Nikolai during the arrests. PG-13 (~2100 wds)

Neal's hurting pretty badly, and Peter's there to lean on. PG (~600 wds)

Out of Town
A case takes Peter, Diana, and Neal out of town. Neal's recuperating from a gunshot wound, and his recovery is threatened by a seemingly minor car accident. PG (~2600 wds)

Don't Want To Let You Go
After an op goes terribly wrong, the loss is all but unbearable. PG (~1300 wds) (Warning: Off-screen major character death)

Fate Misnamed
Neal heroically pushes Peter out of the way of an oncoming car only to get hit himself. Peter angsts about Neal's condition. PG (~3100 wds)
Follow-up: Its Noisiest Passenger
Peter and Elizabeth take Neal home to Brooklyn after the events of Fate Misnamed. PG (~1700 wds)

Neal befriends Peter in a time of need. (Animal AU) G (~1400 wds)

Peter always knows where Neal is, and today’s the day that it saves his life. PG (~1800 wds)

Light to All of my Darkness
It was an easy case, until it wasn't. Peter suffers the consequences with Neal at his side. PG (~900 wds)

On the Waterfront
Neal winds up in the water completely by accident. Peter jumps in after him. PG (~1150 wds)

The Minor Fall, The Major Lift
Neal's sick, and Mozzie's not letting Peter drag him off to work on a Saturday. PG (~1600 wds)

Art & Young Love
Teenage!Peter goes to his favorite teacher, Mr. Caffrey, for advice. PG (~700 wds)

Neal watches over the Burkes after a case goes sideways and lands Peter in ICU. PG (~700 wds)
Follow-Up: Draughts
After the events of Vigil, Peter's healing, but he and Neal are both having trouble dealing with the shooting. PG (~1100 wds)

Holding On (By a Thin, Thin Thread)
On Christmas Eve, a familiar enemy holds Neal's life in his hand, literally. PG-13 (~3500 wds)

A man wakes in a hospital bed with no memories while an FBI team desperately searches for one of their own. PG (~7400 wds)

Temporary Infirmity
Neal really hates back spasms. And medication. PG (~1700 wds)

Am I Missing
Peter and Neal are both having very bad days. Their only contact is via cell phone while Neal's kidnapped and imprisoned in a small, dark box, and Peter desperately searches for him. PG-13 (~5400 wds)

Neal's not sure what happened. Peter probably knows. PG (~2000 wds)

Alter the Ending
Neal makes a deal to save Peter's life after his past comes back to bite him in the ass. PG-13 (~2000 wds)

Too Close a Call
After the boxing match in Gloves Off, Neal's hurt worse than anyone knows. PG (~4300 wds)

A Case at the Zoo
A case at the zoo is not as fun as Neal hoped it would be. PG (~4800 wds)

Things Fall Apart
Neal drives. Bad things happen, past and present. PG (~2600 wds)

Not a Headache
Neal's not having a very happy birthday at the Burke's. PG (~1400 wds)

During a blizzard, Neal's holed up at the Burke's with a lacerated hand and an allergy to ibuprofen. PG (~2900 wds)

The Letter
The Marshals offer Neal a letter from his mother. PG (~900 wds)

Torn Stitches
On the way home from Cape Verde, Neal's wound gets the better of him. Peter's there to help. PG (~1500 wds)
Follow-Up: Home
Neal finally makes it back to June's and struggles to reach his apartment. A friend is waiting for him. PG (~1100 wds)

White Collar – OT3

When a train derailment separates Neal from someone he loves, how will he and his other lover recover? PG-13 (~7300 wds)
* 2015 White Collar Big Bang

Not Alone
Neal can't sleep until he can let out his emotions on Peter's shoulder. PG (~1000 wds)

Saturday Night Fever
While Peter and El use Neal's reservations at a fancy new restaurant, he stays home to try and nurse himself back to health from a nasty flu bug. PG (~900 wds)

A Little Hope for Their Future
Strange things have happened to Neal in his illustrious life; none of them stranger than waking up as a woman. PG-13 (~9700 wds)

Postcards from Paradise
Post-S5. Neal's returned, but he's not the same. With June's help, Peter and Elizabeth take him on a vacation to give him time and space to rediscover himself and his relationship with Peter and El. PG-13 (~7100 wds)
* 2014 White Collar Reverse Big Bang

In Sickness
Peter's favorite food turns against him. It's not pretty. PG (~700 wds)

Innocent Bystander
Peter is injured off-duty, but that doesn't mean that he stops being a caretaker too. PG (~1500 wds)

December 7th is a special anniversary, so Neal bestows Peter with a surprise gift. PG-13 (~600 wds)

Quiet the Nerves
Neal helps Peter overcome the pain of a migraine, or the one where Neal has magic hands. PG-13 (~1400 wds)

You've Got a Friend (And Lover) In Me
Five Times Peter Needed Help and Neal Was There PG (~6400 wds)

A Warm Embrace
Neal trudges through a nasty winter storm to make it to date night with Peter and Elizabeth. PG-13 (~3100 wds)

It's been a long undercover op, and Neal's beyond exhausted. PG (~1300 wds)

Neal wakes feeling unwell. Peter and Elizabeth are there. PG (~600 wds)

Peter, Elizabeth, and Neal depart this world for another. (Warning: Bittersweet death fic) PG (~400 wds)

What a Nice Surprise
Post-anklet, Neal's in Los Angeles for a gallery show, and he's feeling a bit lonely. PG-13 (~900 wds)

Miles to Go
Elizabeth and Peter take care of a concussed Neal. PG-13 (~380 wds)
Follow-Up: Before I Sleep
The morning after Miles to Go, concussed Neal is restless, Elizabeth wants to help, and Peter is worried. PG-13 (~1600 wds)

White Collar – Neal/Sara

What Only Words Can Say
Sara receives a mysterious envelope from an unexpected person. PG (~1000 wds)

While recovering from a gunshot wound, Neal moved to London to live with Sara. Now the Burkes are visiting, just in time for Neal to pop a question. PG (~5200 wds)
* 2015 White Collar Reverse Big Bang

Safe in Your Arms
On the anniversary of a death, Neal can't sleep and Sara's there for him. PG (~800 wds)

Unrestrained Care
Neal's not feeling well, and Sara makes sure that he gets the care he needs. PG (~1600 wds)

An Awe Moment
Sara has news for Neal, and she breaks it to him under the fireworks. PG (~600 wds)

White Collar – Other

Lay Your Weary Head to Rest
When a new teen at Ellen's Place runs away and Neal doesn't know when to rest, Peter steps in to take care of his man. – PG (~1800 wds) (Peter/Neal) [Written with permission in Embroiderama’s Redwing ‘verse, which starts with The Heart is Still a Redwing]

Good Deeds Unpunished
Neal gets into a bit of trouble and calls Peter for help. – PG (~2700 wds) (Peter/Neal)

Concoction Conundrum
Peter's sick and once again turns to Mozzie for help. Things turn out much differently this time around. – PG (~1200 wds) (Peter/Neal)

Cold Dark World
Neal gets hypothermic, which leads to naked cuddling and a confession from Diana. – PG-13 (~2300 wds) (Pre-Neal/Diana)

White Collar Serials

Will 'Verse

(chronological order)

No More Secrets
Neal's recovering at the Burke's when Sara drops in with some news. PG (~2000 wds)

Sympathetic Threads
Sara and Mozzie must come to an understanding for Neal's sake. PG (~3400 wds)

Tabula Rasa
Neal has a quiet moment with his newborn son. PG (~450 wds)

I Will Follow You...
Neal and Sara's first date night after their son is born ends in a devastating accident that could forever alter their futures. PG-13 (~6000 wds)

In the Pain, There is Healing
Sara's recovering, Peter's giving advice, and Neal's searching for something, or someone. PG (~3300 wds)

Of Superheroes and Birthday Boys
Will's second birthday is great, if a bit exhausting. PG (~750 wds)


(posting order)

(Mostly Gen, Diana/Christie)
A story told in timestamps – Neal and Diana were kidnapped during a case and held captive for several months. Their rescue is only the beginning. PG-13 (~13,000 wds)

Year 12
Ten years after Diana and Christie's wedding, everyone gathers to celebrate and Neal gets some unexpected news. (Also this story is Neal/Sara) PG-13 (~1700 wds)

Companion piece to Unbreakable. Part 1: Peter struggles to deal with the loss of Neal and Diana. Part 2: Peter struggles to deal with finding Neal and Diana. PG-13 (~3200 wds)

Wednesday Date Night
It's Wednesday night – Neal and Charlie are on their way to dinner, but she has something on her mind. PG (~1000 wds)

Stormy Weather
Sara returns to New York. Peter, Elizabeth, and June make sure that she gets to spend a little time with Neal. PG (~1400 wds)

Stand by Me

(posting order)

Stand By Me
Teenage Neal and Peter and Mozzie go camping. PG (~1200 wds)

The Lost Boys
Neal sneaks out one night and is assaulted by bullies from school. While he recuperates in the hospital, Peter and Mozzie take matters into their own hands. PG-13 (~10,298 wds)
*2013 White Collar Big Bang

When Neal was Fifteen
Neal's fifteenth birthday is spent in the hospital, but he's not alone. PG (~2500 wds)

Peter's having nightmares, and Neal tries to help. PG (~1100 wds)

I Don't Want to be Anything Other than Me
June and Byron have offered to adopt Mozzie, but he's having a hard time deciding what to do. Enter Neal and a late night conversation. PG (~900 wds)

Wishing Heart
Peter really likes Elizabeth Mitchell but doesn't know how to tell her. PG (~550 wds)

Secret Santas
It's Christmas, and the Ellington house has a rule about Secret Santa gifts: they have to be homemade. PG (~1100 wds)

Neal Hughes

(posting order)

Redraw the Lines
Reese Hughes' son was kidnapped when he was three-years-old. Twenty-four years later, when his daughter desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, Hughes discovers that his son has been right in his own office, working as Peter Burke's CI. PG-13 (~19,000 wds)

Whole Again
Reese Hughes reflects on the news that his son Daniel has been found. PG (~600 wds)

Christmas Eve Comforts
Timeline: 7/8 Months after Redraw the Lines
Neal's ill on Christmas Eve, so the Hugheses take Christmas to him. PG (~1000 wds)

Comfort Always
Timeline: ~4 Months after Redraw the Lines
Neal spends his first night at the Hughes home, but a migraine makes him miserable. PG (~1700 wds)

Friendly Advice and Family Dinner
Reese needs some advice about Neal and goes to the resident expert for help. Peter makes a suggestion.  PG (~1600 wds)

Santa Day

(posting order)

Santa Day
It's Neal's first Christmas with the Burkes, and he's not feeling well. – PG (~1400 wds)

Trick or Treat
Neal's excited for Halloween, and Peter tries to teach him one of his favorite holiday jingles. – G (~400 wds)


White Collar RPF

RPF Standalones

Matt needs to unwind after a long work week, but Tim and Sharif have no idea what they've started. PG-13 (~1700 wds) (Gen - Matt, Tim, Sharif)

Tired Souls
Filming simultaneous projects, dieting, and stress take their toll on Matt. Luckily, he has Simon and Tim to take care of him. PG-13 (~4500 wds) (Matt/Simon, Tim)

RPF Serial

Bookstore AU Masterpost
Matt runs a hipster bookstore in the Village. Tim comes in one day, looking for a book of poetry. (Currently 13 stories with 40,000+ wds)


WC Artwork

2014 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for sahiya's fic Move Heaven, Move Earth

2014 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for lionessvalenti's fic Say We Leave the Past Behind Us

2014 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for qwertyfaced's fic Journeys End

2014 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for anodyneer's fic Fill The Places I Can't Reach

2014 White Collar Big Bang Art for pooh_collector's fic What is Left is but Ashes and Dust

2015 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for slytheringurrl's fic Bound

2015 White Collar Reverse Big Bang Art for treonb's fic Finding Nemo


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